8 Tips to a Professional Press Release
Future Business Leaders of America
Grab the attention of media with these 8 tips. More »

From Confrontation to Compassion
Love Ann Joy
5 Steps from confrontation to compassion. More »

Parental Pardon
New Identity Magazine
When children become adults and adults become people. More »

A Different Kind of Neighbor
New Identity Magazine
Living with and loving your neighbors without going out of your way. More »

On Judging Less
New Identity Magazine

Five concepts to a healthier perspective of judgement. More »

Turning Confrontation into Closeness
New Identity Magazine
How do I communicate with someone who refuses to talk? Five keys to turn confrontation into closeness.

Get Serious
Christian Writer’s Guild
Even before they see your prose, employers get an idea of how professional you are from your email address alone. What does your email say about you?

Effective Communication With Your Superior
Communication with your superior is like preparing for and executing a secret mission. Are you up for the challenge? More »

How to Communicate with an ISFP
Your ISFP love interest might seem aloof and unapproachable now, but with a little insight into her personality you’ll discover a warm, vivacious companion. More »

How to Help Others on the Job
No matter how many times you’ve been around the cubicle, we can all use a little help from our co-workers. More »


DIY Recycled Wine Bottle Light
Winery Wedding Magazine
Turn old glass into wedding class. More »

Gift Wrap Roll Decorations
New Identity Magazine
Repurpose empty gift wrap rolls into holiday decorations.

Attack of the Serial Comma
Christian Writer’s Guild
Comma catastrophe causes relationship crisis: a serial investigation.

Confronting Your Creative Bully
Christian Writer’s Guild
Don’t let creativity elude you. Take charge. More »

Who Are You Listening To?
Christian Writer’s Guild
What do you believe about your talents? More »

The Girl Who Found Her Halo
Laura Hairgrove’s conductorless chamber orchestra, Halo Ensemble, aims to reflect the abundance of life through performing art. More »


Consuming Communion
New Identity Magazine
Why do bread and wine matter? More »

Famous Last Words
New Identity Magazine
A look at the importance of baptism. More »

A New Song
New Identity Magazine
International violinist Gert Kumi shares how he turned from a sickly, oppressed boy to a man of God. More »

Reforming Worship
New Identity Magazine
Worship is more than a Sunday morning sing-a-long. Reframing, refocusing, and reforming our cultural view. More »

Coming Out Christian
New Identity Magazine
Sharing your faith is not a one-size-fits-all experience. More »

Playground Pardon
New Identity Magazine
A story of repentance.


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