Fear of Dogs will Prove to be a Snare

DogThe Proverbs say fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe (29:25).

That’s great, but what about fear of dogs?

It was the first warm, sunny day all week so I decided to go for an evening walk. I passed the neighbor’s house just as she was letting out her mini Dobermans. They tore across the yard, yipping all the way. I don’t mind dogs, so I kept my leisurely pace.

But as they came closer, I noticed they were baring their teeth. And growling. And they were headed straight for me. They are going to attack me! I thought. I jumped away as the one tried to nip my ankle. They came at me again and I considered running before I had a revelation: They were 6 inches tall. Practically doormats. I will not be bullied by a little dog.

So I stopped. I put my hands on my hips. And I glared. Their snarls turned to whimpers and they ran away. “That’s what I thought,” I muttered.

Then I laughed as I imagined that’s exactly how fear works. It comes fast, loud, and furious, hoping you don’t stop to examine its source, its size, or its validity. It feeds and grows on your knee-jerk reactions and continues its bullying pursuit. But once you stop and stare fear square in its beady little eyes, it slinks away like the weasley dog it is.

Fears are real, but in comparison to the size of God, they’re basically little dogs.

Now spiders on the other hand . . .

How do you deal with fears?